Each month, Becca sends a letter back from Uganda, about the Parish Project for 2006 which is Kagando Hospital
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Parish Project 2006

Becca's Letter from Uganda

Having now spent all the money you raised we are enjoying the benefits of what your church provided. The blood pressure machine finally arrived - with amazing timing - a couple of days before we had a major road traffic accident, where a bus collided with a hippo. The doctors were so very happy that they could monitor the injured so closely with the new machine.

The latest equipment to arrive is an inverter system for the surgical ward. This will enable electrical equipment to run even when there is no power. Originally we were going to put £1,000 towards the purchase of a new generator for the hospital but the director has decided that, because the invertors are working so well on the other wards, it is important that we first put them on all wards, as this might remove the need for a new generator. The inverter costs nothing to run them, apart from maintenance costs, so is cheaper for the hospital and much better for the environment. The new inverters have been installed in the two medical wards, where all the patients with respiratory problems go; it is vital that they have regular power to keep the oxygen concentrators running.

All the machines you bought us are being used extensively throughout the hospital, especially by the medical wards. They've made a huge difference to so many people. The equipment is an immense help to the doctors to enable them to monitor people more closely and is saving many lives.

My love and best wishes for a very happy Christmas - Rebecca Baldock

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