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External Links

These links are split into the following categories:

  • The Church - links relating to The Church, including the local Diocese.
  • Village Information - St Mary's Village Carnival and other local village links.
  • Website - links relating to the design and maintenance of this website.
  • Travel and Tourism - travel and tourism information.
  • Other - other links, including the Charity Christmas Puzzle.

Village Information

St Mary's Village Carnival

The St Mary's Village Carnival takes place every year on the first Saturday in July. As well as being a great day out for people of all ages, the Carnival raises funds for local good causes.

Eaton Bray

The Eaton Bray website contains the latest news and information about the village of Eaton Bray in Bedfordshire.

Edlesborough Parish Council

The official website of Edlesborough Parish Council, is primarily a "notice board" for Parish Council business matters.

Parish Link - Kensworth, Studham, Whipsnade

The Parish Link website covers village matters for Kensworth, Studham and Whipsnade.

Eaton Bray War Memorial

The Eaton Bray War Memorial stands in the grounds of the church next to the main road.

Curtain Call Theatre Group

The Curtain Call Theatre Group are responsible for the pantomime and other productions held in Eaton Bray Village Hall each year.

Edlesbray Players

The Edlesbray Players were responsible for the pantomime and reviews held in Eaton Bray Village Hall in previous years. This site contains historic photos and information about the productions.