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News Archive - December 2006

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October 2006

Mothers' UnionWe met in the Coffee Tavern on 11th October - 12 members were present. Marjorie opened the meeting with prayers.

June then introduced Flora, who explained various changes in the Administration of the M.U. which include the loss of some committees and travelling expenses in an effort to cut costs. She has served as the Diocesan Vice-president for the Dunstable Deanery for six years, and retires from this office in December.

Peggy then volunteered to talk about incidents in her life. She was born in April 1929 in London. When war was declared she and her brother and sister were evacuated to St. Ives in Cornwall. To get some pocket money she helped repair fishermen's net. When her parents visited and saw the conditions in which their children were living, they took them back to London, even though the bombing was still continuing. The family then moved to Tilsworth and Peggy went to Stanbridge school.

June thanked both Flora and Peggy and the meeting closed with Grace at 4 p.m.

Our Christmas lunch will be on Wednesday, 6th December. Further details at our next meeting.

November 2006

We met in the Coffee Tavern on 8th November, with fourteen members present and Marjorie opened the meeting with prayers.

June then introduced Mrs. Ruth Deacon and her friend Jenny from Stopsley, to talk about China. They are both teachers and have visited China on a number of occasions. It is the third largest country in the world, with a population of 1.3 billion people. The Government is trying to reduce the population by limiting families to having only one child.

Beijing (formerly Peking) is the capital; the main religion is Buddhism. It is a communist country, which is being 'threatened' by Christianity, but people cannot go out as missionaries. Tourists, students, Christians, and Industrialists are all welcomed, and English is a sought after language.

In 1998 the first team from Stopsley Baptist Church visited the orphanages - a recent programme on TV showed the appalling conditions in which the children live. However, conditions are now improving and many children are being adopted. Boys are considered the most important for a family, and many girls just 'disappear'. The children are all very polite, and the women work very hard. Bicycles are the main form of transport, but there are more cars now. Mrs. Deacon brought along literature, photographs and beautiful embroidery, including tie-dye work.

June thanked her for a most interesting talk and the meeting closed with grace at 4 p.m.

New members are welcome.

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