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News Archive - June 2006

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Mothers' UnionWe met at the Coffee Tavern on Wednesday 12th April, and began our meeting with prayers which were led by Deirdrea.

A letter was received from Mrs Eileen Smith, the Diocesan President, thanking members who had attended the Lady Day Service at St Alban's Abbey, she also gave the result of a project, launched earlier, which had been called "buckets of love" in which small change was collected. The total was £6,085 which was being sent to M.U. Workers Overseas.

Our speaker was unfortunately unable to come, due to a bereavement, and Dierdrea very kindly stepped into the breach, and showed us how to decorate hats and make Easter table centres. She brought lots of chicks (some with tennis racquets) and various things ribbons etc, which could be used for decoration.

After the hats had been judged, and the residue cleared away, the table was then filled with goodies (thanks to June) to have with our tea or coffee. The main cake was circled with miniature Easter Eggs. So we all had an Easter egg. It was all very pleasant and a nice start to the Easter weekend.

We closed at 4pm with the grace.

New members would be welcomed.

Marjorie Cook

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