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North Chilterns Group of Parishes
Lent Course, 2005

Together With God

Together with God is designed to help us celebrate what we, as members of Christís Body, are already doing and to discern what God is urging us to become.

Its aim is to encourage us Ė clergy and laity alike Ė in our shared vocation as Christians.

Each of the sessions will contain:

  • a talk by Canon Robin Brown, the Local Ministry Officer of our Diocese
  • small group discussion and sharing of experience
  • a break for tea or coffee
  • worship, which will vary depending on the subject of the session.

Whilst each session stands on its own, those who are able to attend all of them will get most from the Course.

Each Session will begin at 7.45pm and end at 9.30.

Session 1. 7.45pm Tuesday, 15 February

Totternhoe - St Gilesís Church Hall

We are among Godís people:
     who are already involved in Christís ministry.

This is a chance to celebrate ministry and to learn from our past and present experiences and also where God may be leading us.

Session 2. 7.45pm Tuesday, 22 February

Kensworth - St Maryís Church

We are among Godís people:
     who work, rest and pray.

Most of us are busy. In this session we will learn something of the need to live balanced lives Ė including making time for daily prayer to sustain us.

Session 3. 7.45pm Tuesday, 1 March

Eaton Bray - St Maryís Church

We are among Godís people:
     who lead intercessions and pray with others.

We are all used to intercessions in worship and some help lead them. In this session we consider such prayer but also praying with other people.

Session 4. 7.45pm Tuesday, 8 March

Studham Ė St Maryís Church

We are among Godís people:
     who listen to others.

When we speak we are communicating. But listening is equally important, if not more so. Prayer involves listening to God. We listen best to others when we do so in order to understand.

Session 5. 7.45pm Tuesday, 15 March

Dagnall Ė All Saintsí Church

We are among Godís people:
     who reach out to others.

A child reaches out to a parent. God reaches out to humanity Ė in the form of His Son. It is a Christian imperative therefore to reach out to others, motivated by Godís love for us all. Herein lies a mutuality of care.

Generous God, you have made us through your love
to live in relationship with you and one another.
Help us so to respond to your love
that as we draw closer to you
we may help others know your love for them;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Some words to ponder:
"The love of God does not reach out in order to get. It reaches out because it has to; it gives because it must. God loves because God is love. It is only love that always serves the other, without ignoring the needs and value of the self."

Words by Christina Rees in her book "The Divine Embrace"

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