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News Archive - December 2014

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Some sad news. David Radwell, our last organist, writes to say

"Some of you at St Mary's Eaton Bray will remember my predecessor as organist and choirmaster, Desmond Harvey. He died in August following a short illness, oesophagus cancer. Desmond was organist at St Mary's during the end of Brian Moore's time, about 1991, and was there until August 1996. Desmond was always very lively and enjoyed life, music, organ and choirs. I knew him for 43 years and often spoke to him on the telephone and visited him in Kent. I shall miss him; he was a great character".

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April 5, 2015, Dawn Wheatley says:

We were sad to read this news and send condolences to his family. Desmond Harvey encouraged and developed the musical interest of many young choristers. Desmond accepted Toby into the choir at Eaton Bray on his 7th birthday. Toby enjoyed many years singing at Eaton Bray. Desmond's early teaching has led to a love of choral music and opportunities to sing in numerous churches and cathedrals in Britain and Europe. Thank you Desmond.

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