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News Archive - February 2014

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedSt Mary's 100 Club - February 2014 Draw

St Mary's has stood in the village for almost 800 years and, throughout its history, it has not been equipped with that most basic of facilities, a toilet.

This has meant that some elderly folk have been unable to risk coming to church, visitors for funerals and weddings have been uncomfortable throughout services and, rather unsatisfactorily, children have been instructed to 'go behind a gravestone'. 2014 should see that situation remedied with the construction of an extension to house a new toilet.

To help fund the toilet we have started a 100 Club, featuring monthly draws of 50% of the received income. For just £2 per number per month you could help St Mary's get this much needed facility and put yourself in with a chance of winning a first prize each month of over £50.

This month's draw was made by Zoe during the food interval at St. Mary's inaugural "Highland Fling". Missed it? Don't worry. It was such a success that there's bound to be another!! 

At the time of the draw the 100 Club had 119 members, so the three winners share a prize money pot of £119.

Congratulations to the winners of our February draw:

Winner of £59.50 – #28, David Mann, Eaton Bray

Winner of £35.70 – #24, Geoffrey Hunter, Edlesborough

Winner of £23.80 – #61, Peter Hayle, Eaton Bray

If you would like to help us by joining the 100 Club please collect a form from St Mary's Church, Eaton Bray, or from

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