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News Archive - June 2012

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I am pleased to report that, with the support of those using the easyfundraising web site when purchasing items on the internet, the church is receiving welcome amounts of donations to bolster our income. This income is painless to you and comes through the generosity of the participating retailers. If you would like to join this worthwhile scheme, please have a word with Eileen Bennett.

I have just recently been advised that a new facility "Find & Remind" has been made available - so when you have registered with Easyfundraising, you can visit their website,

This will alert you when a retailer you're visiting is part of easyfundraising, even if you didn't start your shopping from easyfundraising.  Should you install this facility a one-off donation of 50p will be made to St Mary's.

-- David Mann (Treasurer)

June 9, 2012 | Permalink | Comment

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