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News Archive - April 2012

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Eaton Bray Methodist Chapel hosted the service held on Friday 2nd March.

The church was decorated with vibrant coloured fl owers, baskets of fruit, orchids, butterflies, pictures, posters and placards, along with a peace lily and coloured candles.

Malaysian music was played, accompanied by Thelma on the ethnic drum, gong and bell. Large chains (of paper) hung at the front of the church with the words INTOLERENCE, INJUSTICE, OPPRESSION and PERSECUTION, all representing the country of Malaysia and the Christian women of Malaysia who had prepared the service for this year.

Malaysia is not without its problems. There is corruption and inequality and there are conflicts between the religious and civil law.

The service was led by Deirdrea Ellins with members of the various churches reading parts of the narrative. Rev Coralie McClusky was the speaker, reminding us that women are still being discriminated against in the fi elds of education and employment.

We have a role to play by speaking out against all forms of injustice. A clear, honest and caring attitude in matters that concern all of society, is a part of the witness that we owe one another.

Coralie referred to the reading from Habakkuk, who fi ercely questioned God about the injustice that he saw. Habakkuk chose to cling fi rmly with God and showed that persistence is rooted in the relationship with God and the con fi dence that we have in Him.

Mention was made of the Parable of the Widow and the unjust Judge. The widow was relentless in her pleading to the judge for justice, until fi nally the judge,to stop her bothering him any more,granted her justice. We are encouraged to see the injustice that is around us and to advocate for change, many small actions have a cumulative effect.

At the end of the service, the chains were cut to symbolise that our prayers are powerful in releasing people from their 'chains', whatever they may be.

Thanks were expressed to the ladies of Eaton Bray Methodist for creating such a warm and welcoming atmosphere to everyone. Flowers were presented to Joan our valuable pianist and Coralie as the speaker. Refreshments followed.

In March 2013 the service will be held at Edlesborough Methodist Church.

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