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News Archive - April 2011

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At the meeting held on Wednesday 9th March the devotions for Ash Wednesday were led by Thelma Bodsworth. Birthday cards and wishes were extended to Joan Fossey and Chris Driscoll (in her absence).

After the notices, Deirdrea introduced the speaker Don Taylor from the Children's Contact Centre which is held in the church that Don attends at Northampton.

As a 'Mission' within their church 12 adults, working on alternate Sundays on a rota basis, are present at the Church premises to supervise the meeting of a child with one or other of its parents, especially in the case of a divorce. Recommendations are passed to the Contact Centre, where all details have to be filled in by the attending parent.

Some of the background influencing the child, occurs as one or other of the parents, tries to convince the child that they are the best parent and the other parent is to blame and at fault. Sometimes the child sits there and the parent fails to turn up to see them, which leaves a scar on the child's feelings. So often in the case of family breakups it is the child who suffers, with feelings of hurt, rejection and a sense of bereavement.

The work that the Children's Contact Centre does is so valuable to the individual child, who needs to know that they are loved and matter, and through no faulty of their own, their parents are divided and cannot live together as a family.

Questions followed and a vote of thanks was given by Deirdrea.

Teas and coffees were served by Barbara Ilic and Barbara Collier and the tea prepared by Marjorie, Jenny and Deirdrea.

There was an excellent Bring and Buy stall and raffle in aid of this years projects.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th April when the theme will be "Preparing for Easter". Hats will be provided for decoration by the members (with their many skills), there will be an Easter Tea and other Easter goodies.

A Bring and Buy stall and Raffle will be held.

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