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News Archive - June 2010

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Those of you who attended the Annual Meeting will know that this year we again face a deficit. Instead of 'putting pressure on members' the PCC has felt that we will encourage you all to respond to the church's needs in the best way you can. Efforts are being made to have as many fund raising and social events in the calendar this year and, by so doing, it is hoped sufficient income will be forthcoming, not from just members, but also from members of the community attending such functions. It may then be possible, at the year end, to allocate some of the income to charitable causes, retaining as much as is needed to balance our books.

Please support these fundraising events as much as you can, fun can be had as well as the knowledge that you are assisting the church. With many thanks in anticipation of a good response.

-- David Mann, Treasurer

Source: June 2010 Newsletter

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