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News Archive - November 2009

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedCarnival - 3rd July 2010

We have an opportunity to bring a Bungee Jump to next summer's Carnival. It will cost £3,000 - we have to guarantee the organisers a minimum of 60 people who will each pay £50 to jump. We could have Bungee Jumping at the Carnival provided that, by the 10 January 2010, a minimum of 30 people;

  • Have registered their interest to Gordon
  • Paid a deposit of £25 as part payment for their jump costing £50
  • Committed to raising a minimum of an additional £50

Our sponsors who, for many years, have supplied bridesmaids' dresses have stopped that line of business. Do you have connections with anyone who could supply such outfits.

To contact the Carnival Committee, see the Carnival website.

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