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News Archive - April 2009

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Following Malcolm Grant's retirement, our Lay Reader Gordon Gray will continue the tradition of the Vicar's Letter each month.

We tend to take our leisure time for granted these days, but back in the early nineteenth century, before the introduction of bank holidays, Christmas Day and Good Friday would have been the only two days of leisure granted to most working people. Christmas Day and Good Friday - the days when we celebrate the birth and the death of Jesus. Many families have their own traditions of what they do on these two Holy Days; and Good Friday is a day when there are plenty of traditions to choose from. The traditional food for the day, despite the fact that supermarkets stock them all the year round, is the hot-cross bun; a rare treat when dripping with melted butter. Perhaps your family won't eat meat on Good Friday or, more specifically, you will eat fish. If you are a gardener, Good Friday will be the day when, given reasonable weather, you will be sowing your potatoes.

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