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News Archive - March 2009

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Mothers' UnionOur March meeting was based on The Family Tree. Eileen Bennett instilled upon us, just how important it is to remember our ancestry, to record past events and treasure old photographs, for your future generations.

Obviously the best way is to look on the internet, but you can research old Church records and Churchyards. It's a very time consuming task but very rewarding.

We were able to record our Grandparents and Grandchildren dating back to the 19th century, but it would be great to delve back more. It was a very thoughtful proven afternoon, enjoyed by all the members, ending with tea and The Grace.

Our thanks go to Celia and June for their efforts with the teas.

Our invitation to the Lady Day service at St Barnabas in Leighton Buzzard (Lady Day is the day when Christ was conceived) was attended by 9 of our members, where we proudly paraded our banners along with other Churches in our area. We were very surprised to see that our old friend David Radwell was there to play the organ, just the day before he moved home, that was so nice.

Our thanks go to Leighton Buzzard for a very pleasant afternoon.

June Thorne

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