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News Archive - December 2008

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedSt Mary's fabric - A review of the priorities

Recent years have seen a considerable investment in the repair and enhancement of the church fabric with a focus on stonework and the roof. The PCC has reviewed the priorities for further fabric upgrades especially given that a number of funds, which cannot be used for any other purpose are currently dwindling (in real terms) in the bank. A number of related jobs need tackling: the present boiler is unlikely to survive another winter, the vestry is damp and its wiring is in a potentially dangerous state.

The PCC therefore consider its priorities are to address the following, funded in part by existing restricted funds set aside for this purpose:

  • Procure a new boiler / heating system to be located in the vestry,
  • Rewire vestry electrics
  • Refurbish the vestry

While re-wiring work is being undertaken it makes sense also to:

  • Enhance the lighting in the North Chapel, replace lighting to illuminate the organ and update the sound system

Source: December 2008 Newsletter

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