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News Archive - December 2008

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedA haven of peace - by Norman Davies

There's an ancient stone church stands in Eaton Bray.
'gainst a curtain of green, it's portals dull grey.
The stained glass windows glint green, red and blue,
Show a contrast of colour of many a hue.

Let us open the door, and quietly walk in,
There's a feeling of peace which quickly begins -
To calm down the fears we all carry in life,
As a Presence, though unseen, seems to combat all strife.

St Mary, The Virgin, is the name of this place,
In this quiet little village it commands its own space,
Where it's stood, most respected for hundreds of years,
Seen Joy, Love and Sadness, and sometimes some tears.

I come here and sit, when I'm feeling low,
Just to talk to that Presence, I can't see but know -
He is listening, and feels for my worries and pain,
I leave, fully heartened, and will come back again.

Dear Walls, Oh so friendly, and Altar so clear,
I look up at Our Lady, and am sure She is near,
The Lamp of the Sacrament glowing so bright,
Please bring me peace and love, and be my comfort this night.

Source: December 2008 Newsletter

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