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News Archive - July 2008

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedRebecca Baldock returns from Kagando

Many of you will remember the articles for Focus written by Rebecca Baldock, throughout 2006 and 2007, from Kagando Hospital in Uganda as a result of the fundraising for the Hospital by the congregation and friends of St Mary's. Rebecca has now finished her 3 years in Africa and will be present at St Mary's on Sunday 10 August, at the morning services at 8am and 10am, where she will talk more about her experiences and to bring the thanks and love of those for whom she has been caring.

To help remind her of her time in Africa we hope, at the 10am service, to have pupils from Edlesborough School playing African drums to accompany our worship./p>

Source: Focus, July 2008

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June 7, 2009, William S. Tima-an says:

hello.. im just wondering if the name rebecca baldock is a nurse who involved in compassion ministry? im so blessed with an article. pls try to contact me if she's the one who supported me since my chilhood.. thanks. if she's my sponsor last time i wana thank her.. GOD BLESS

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