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News Archive - July 2008

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Mothers' UnionWe had our usual delicious May tea at Dyers Road, as we celebrated five birthdays.

Barbara came along to tell us some of her Beds and Herts murder mystery and ghosts stories.

In April 1937 Frank Cox was on his way to work using a cut through lover's lane.

20 - 30yds along the way, he saw a body, her clothes were disarrayed and she was obviously dead. Although she had struggled, it looked like a quick death with a knot tied around her neck. Local police and Scotland Yard soon found out she was Ruby Kleen from Leighton Buzzard. George Stone a former boyfriend had invited her to the local pub (Golden Bell) for a drink.

At his trial, he tried to tell all sorts of tales as to how she died and that he did not kill her. One being she was falling and he tried to save her with her scarf. Another he had already left her before she was killed. But all this was of no avail as he was found guilty. On Friday August 13th he met with the hangman's noose, and therefore paid for his crime with his life.

The afternoon finished with Grace being said.

-- Audrey Reynolds

Source: Focus, July 2008

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