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News Archive - October 2007

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedSt Mary's Parochial Church Council Meeting

The meeting was held on 13th September at All Saints Dagnall.

A new Electoral Roll Officer - Tracey Steel has been appointed to replace Chris Driscoll who has retired from the position after many years of service.

It was agreed that due to a shortage of helpers the church will now be cleaned fortnightly to ease the workload on the rest of the team until more volunteers can be found.

A new study group is to run this autumn based on an Emmaus course, this will start on October 4th and run fortnightly to the end of November.

A discussion took place about the Diocesan Environmental Police and a review will now take place to look at items like heating, lighting, recycling and travelling.

The distribution of money raised at this year's carnival was discussed and approved, in all £11,500 will be distributed.

A new draft Child Protection Policy has been prepared for circulation and will be discussed at the November meeting.

-- The Church Mouse

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