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News Archive - November 2006

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedSt Mary's Parochial Church Council Meeting, 9th November 2006

Lunch Club: Eighteen people attended the first St Mary's lunch club on 17th September and a very positive response has been received. The next lunch will be on Sunday, November 19th; it is planned in the near future to issue invitations to people outside St Mary's congregation.

Eaton Bray Hall: Ways in which the PCC could support Eaton Bray Village Hall by continuing to discount the rent were discussed.

Leaves: Quotations were received for collecting and bagging the leaves from the many trees in the churchyard.

Christmas: It has been decided this year, to hold an "After Christmas Party" for Sunday School children as the pre-Christmas period is so busy with activities.

All Souls Day: This service was very well attended with over 70 worshippers and many people made appreciative comments.

Harvest arrangements: Attendance at the Harvest Lunch has been declining in recent years. It was thought that a new format should be considered; a Harvest Supper the previous evening with barn dance will be considered for next year.

Parish Project 2007: As usual, the PCC will invite the congregation to nominate charities to be considered for support in 2007. As this year's project is overseas, next year's will be a UK based charity.

Church Trails: Thanks were expressed to Barbara Marriage who for the last 3 years has organised St Mary's participation in the Church Trails project; this has included music, tours, records and photos and a very successful Jazz evening. A successor is being sought to organise next year's events.

All Saints Dagnall: We were pleased to hear that the new building is nearing completion; the dedication service will be at 2.30pm on December 16th.

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