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News Archive - April 2006

Subscribe to the St Mary's, Eaton Bray feedAnnual Parochial Church Meeting

Tuesday, 25 April at 8.00pm in Eaton Bray Village Hall (preceeded by the Annual Meeting of Parishioners to elect Churchwardens at 7.45pm) - Nomination forms for Churchwardens and P.C.C. members are available from the table beside the bookcase.

Financial accounts for 2005 to be presented at the meeting are now available. Please take a copy and bring it with you to the meeting - two versions are available, one set is the official set, signed by the independent examiners, and the second, a simpler extract of the figures, has been prepared for those who may appreciate less figures to peruse! Please take whichever version you prefer, the results are the same!

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