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News Archive - March 2005

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It is here again! Carnival 2005 is underway.

We again have the challenge of trying to better the results of last year's Carnival. The 2004 event raised over £10,000 and this has been disbursed to a variety of local worthy causes. Everyone who contributed in any way has every reason to be pleased with their efforts and you may find it interesting to see the complete list of charitable contributions (along with some candid photos) on the Carnival website.

The St Mary's Village Carnival 2005 will be held on the 2nd of July on Edlesborough Green and preparation has begun for another successful event. The theme in 2005 is "Nursery Rhymes", which once more gives a wide range of choices for anyone who wants to get into the spirit of the day.

For further information, you can see us on the website at

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