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Mothers Union Eaton Bray with Edlesborough - November, December, January

November Meeting

Mother's UnionWe met at the Coffee Tavern on 9th November and after our opening prayers our speakers Eileen and Peter Bennett were introduced. They had brought along about a quarter of their collection of plastics to talk to us about. Suprisingly it all started in the 19th century with Vulcanite, which was used for upright telephones, fountain pens, etc. Gutter Percha, which made jewellery, billiard balls, etc. Celluloid was discovered in 1870 which made toys (who rememberd celluloid dolls) combs and table tennis balls. Casein came next which was made from skimmed milk - this made buttons, some really big ones. Then came Bakelite which was mainly in dark shades, and was used for radios, telephones, ash trays, electric light plugs and switches and later became available in brighter colours, and was made into serviette rings in different shapes (Rabbits, etc.) cruets in all shapes and sizes, perfume bottles - it was a very versatile product.

Formaldahyde made sets of beakers which fitted one inside the other, and picnic sets in blankets.

Many things were invented towards the late thirties, but weren't available until the 1950s owing to the war.

The Ovaltine Beetleware mug, with lid shaped like a nightcap can now cost in the region of £75. This was also used to make cream makers, lemon squeezers, knitting wool holders, darning mushrooms, hair dryers, knitting needle guages, dominoes, etc. The 1950s was the poly plastic era - polythene, Polyurathene, etc from which were made brooches of all shapes and sizes, necklaces called poppets, and last of all came Melamene.

We were all able to examine samples of all the products, which were all in pristine condition.

Who would ever have thought that plastic would become collectors items, and would be worth a great deal of money. All in all a most interesting afternoon.

After having tea, we closed with The Grace at 4 p.m.

Marjorie Cook

December Meeting

18 members met in the Coffee Tavern on 14th December and we finished what had been a very good year on a happy and informal note. Prayers were led by Thelma, after which any member who wished to do so, read out a favourite piece either from the scriptures or just something which they particularly liked. We were joined by Rev. Malcolm Grant and with our tea we had some mince pies and sherry. We ended with Grace at about 4pm

January Meeting

Twenty members met at the Coffee Tavern on 11th January. Our opening prayers were led by Deirdrea, after which Rev. Malcolm Grant showed us his collection of slides depicting 'Hidden Treasures' of various churches, all within a twenty mile radius. It isn't until you see the detail in close-up that you can realize the beauty that there is in churches, a great number of them dating back to the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. Considering the primitive tools and the availability and means of obtaining the building materials at their disposal in those days, makes it all the more amazing.

Many of the churches have been enlarged over the years, but the changes are not always obvious until they are pointed out.

Rev. Grant has spent a long time collating this collection and it has certainly been a very worthwhile and interesting project.

Sheila gave a vote of thanks after which we had a very successful 'Bring and Buy' sale followed by tea and refreshments. We closed by saying Grace at about 4 p.m.


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