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Joy is enjoying time away this week and in her absence has asked me to write to you about the 'Bishop of St. Albans Harvest Appeal' which this year is called 'Creating a Buzz in Nepal'. In recent years, Nepal, one of the worlds poorest countries, suffered two earthquakes which led to nine thousand deaths and around twenty two thousand injured people. The country was understandably devastated with livelihoods lost and destruction of whole communities.

Through the 'Church and Community Mobilisation' programme run by Tearfund, people in Nepal have been supported to rebuild their lives looking to their local resources to help raise them out of poverty. One of these initiatives is bee keeping. Nepal can sustain 125,000 beehives and currently has around 26,000. Money raised through the 'Bishop of St. Albans Harvest Appeal' in conjunction with Tearfund's programme will hopefully lead to more people learning the skills of bee keeping and getting their livelihoods back on track. Bees are beneficial in that they pollinate crops thereby increasing yields. Bee keepers are also able to sell bee products including honey and candle wax.

If able to, go online and read more about the Bishop's Appeal. Information is available at Alternatively there is some printed material displayed in St. Mary's. Success of the Appeal relies on our monetary donations. A cash jar will be available in church on Sundays up to the 11th October for donations or go to our website where you will be able to donate via our 'Give a Little' page set up for the Bishop's Appeal.

If preferred, cheques made payable to 'St Albans DBF' can be sent to:

The Bishop of St. Albans Harvest Appeal 2020,
c/o Holywell Lodge,
41, Holywell Hill,
St. Albans. AL1 1HE

The Bishop's Appeal is launched each year at the time of Creationtide. This is a good time for churches and individuals to reflect on creation and investigate means of making a difference to bene fit our immediate and the global environment. Over the last few months with a slower pace of life enforced upon many of us there has been a chance to 'stop and stare' maybe leading to an increased awareness of our need to respect the natural world.

God gave us the world into our keeping for us to enjoy it to the full. With reference to bees we need to appreciate how essential they are to a healthy environment and economy.

Bees pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables but you may be surprised to learn that currently 20,000 species of bees face extinction. Actions we can take are to plant nectar rich flowers and herbs to provide food for bees and to source local or British honey to support our bees and beekeepers.

St. Mary's will celebrate St. Francis of Assisi and Creationtide on Sunday 4th October.

Our online service for this week can be accessed from our website, our Facebook page or direct from our YouTube channel.

Let's join either online or in person and enjoy our fellowship together.

With Every blessing

September 26, 2020 | Permalink

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