Photos from the annual Christmas Tree Festival held at St Mary's Eaton Bray
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Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival 2013 In Pictures

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Entries 10,11Entries 13,22Entries 16.17,18Entries 19,20Entries 25,26

Entries 25 and 26Entries 27,28Entries 29,31,33,36Entries 30,33,36Entries 37,38,41

Entries 4,5,7,8,14Entries 5,6Entries 5 and 6Entries 6,7,8,10Entry 1

Entry 12Entry 15Entry 2Entry 20Entry 21

Entry 23Entry 3Entry 32Entry 34Entry 39

Entry 40Entry 41Entry 42Entry 43Entry 44

Entry 45Entry 9FontFrom Organ LoftLady Chapel 1

Lady Chapel 2Lady Chapel 3Lady Chapel At Night 1Lady Chapel At Night 2Pulpit

RobinsTowards OrganTransept Chapel At Night