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The South Door

South door of St Marys Eaton BrayLike most visitors, you are entering by the south door. But pause for a moment and look at the intricate ironwork on the door. Although the wood is new, the foliated scrollwork, developing from the three hinges, dates from the closing years of the 13th century.

It is attributed to Thomas de Leighton, a local smith, who was chosen to make the iron grille which surrounds the


tomb of Queen Eleanor of Castile in Westminster Abbey. Similar ironwork can be found on the church doors at Leighton Buzzard and Turvey.

Mass-dial at St Marys Eaton BrayTo the right of the door is scratched a mass-dial, a form of sundial used to indicate the times of service in the Middle Ages. From this we can infer that the porch and transept are later additions to the church.

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